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Mark Maia Creater and writer of So-Called Living

Creator/writer of So-Called Living

Mark Maia

Mark is creative wizard behind a whopping 80+ video game titles and a 24-year spree in the gaming biz. When he's not conjuring up worlds for you to play in, you'll find him buried in comic books, flipping through the latest novels in his collection and strategizing over board games. With a toolkit packed with skills from character creation to digital animation, and a BAFTA award under his belt for the mobile game "24". Now, he's leaping from screen to page with "So-Called Living", a comic book that's all set to be as fun, engaging, and immersive as his video games.

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Marco Leone

Marco's early career involved collaborating on various projects with smaller publishers, a period that paved the way for my significant breakthrough—He now works with CMON GAMES to illustrate a series of cards for Marvel United.

My artistic style is a unique blend, striking a balance between the whimsical and the grotesque.

  • So called living comic book 1 variant cover Derek Laufman guest artist

    Derek Laufman

    Derek has been drawing and creating his own comics and graphic novels including Ruinworld, Bot-9, The Witch of Wickerson and his newest series Crimson Fall. Derek is also a freelance illustrator who has worked with Marvel, DC, DreamWorks, TOPPS, Hasbro and Mattel. He is the designer of Marvel’s SuperHero Adventure line as well as DC’s Super Friends.

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  • Ashton_Tekno_Elite_cover_So_Called_Living comic book guest artist

    Ashton Tekno

    Toroto's very own, Ashton Tekno is a seasoned street and cityscape photographer. He's has collaborated with numerous brands and clients, showcasing a distinctive style characterized by a captivating moody tone. In each click of the shutter, he pours his heart and soul, capturing the essence of "freezing that moment forever."

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  • Jamie_Reihl_Sex_Pot_cover_So_Called_Living comic book guest artist book 2

    Jamie Riehl

    James Riehl is an award-winning illustrator with over 35 years of creative experience. His body of work includes, video games, children's books, comics, and more. Jamie is a full-time Senior 2D Artist currently within the video game industry, and has worked in association with top-brands such as Atari, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Lego, The Muppets and Disney.

Mark and Brittany Maia Lion King Premeire in Toronto

Producer / Co-Foudner

Brittany Maia

Brittany's helped support and build resources for the Video Game, Film, Technology and Creative industries in South Western Ontario, Canada. She leads the operations and logistics of So-Called Living and Board Game Coffee.

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